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Mercantile Finance Ltd. is a personalised service for all your borrowing needs (e.g Business start-up and Debt Relief Loan Offer, Homeowner loan, Secured loan, Unsecured loan or Personal loan etc.). Blacklisted welcome. Your loan can be for any purpose and your application will be processed quickly to ensure your loan is granted as soon as possible.

  • Business start-up Loan

  • Debt Relief Loan

  • Secured Homeowner Loan

  • Personal Loan

  • Secured Loan

  • Cheap Homeowner Loan

  • Investment Property Finance

  • Commercial / Business Loan

  • Leasing / Equipment Finance

  • No Doc Loans - No Financials Required

  • Development Finance

  • Credit Impaired Loan

Our services are relaxed and personable to ensure you get the results you desire.

Our loans can be used for personal, business and commercial projects. As principle lenders, we can tailor make a finance package to fit around you. We consider many types of projects and can usually find a suitable financial solution, we use our considerable experience and a variety of funding sources.

Our Legal background together with our financial background allows us to come up with alternative solutions to getting funds in place, that most loan companies simply can't offer.

We understand finance and more importantly we understand property,
so if you are considering a project that “normal” bridging companies reject, give us a call.

If you ask us and the project stacks up, we will be interested in helping! In most cases we can give you a decision with in a few hours, with more complicated cases our decisions take 24 hours, so no long and drawn out application process.

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