Mercantile Finance Ltd. is a personalised service for all your borrowing needs (e.g Business start-up and Debt Relief Loan Offer, Homeowner loan, Secured loan, Unsecured loan or Personal loan etc.). Blacklisted welcome. Your loan can be for any purpose and your application will be processed quickly to ensure your loan is granted as soon as possible.

  • Business start-up Loan

  • Debt Relief Loan

  • Secured Homeowner Loan

  • Personal Loan

  • Secured Loan

  • Cheap Homeowner Loan

  • Investment Property Finance

  • Commercial / Business Loan

  • Leasing / Equipment Finance

  • Lo Doc Loans - No Financials Required

  • Development Finance

  • Credit Impaired Loan

Our Services

Mercantile Finance Ltd. has a vast range of lenders to choose from, and can tailor a loan or lending package to suit your needs

Home Loans

Whether it's a refinance for more equity, or simply to find a better rate, our team will be sure to find you a solution specific to your needs. Make a smart financial decision today and let us do the work for you.


Investing in property is a proven source for growing your wealth. Tax benefits, strong capital growth, low out of pocket expenses and best of all we take the stress out of investing for you.

Financial Planning & Life Insurance

We compare leading insurance companies to find you the right income protection and life insurance cover. Our Financial Planners can help you make the right choices regarding your financial future.

Wealth Management Superannuation

Unfortunately only a small percentage of retirees are self funded. Let Mercantile Finance Ltd. discuss with you your different options to reach financial freedom in your retirement today.